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Israel begins de-escalation with less than 2,000 infections a day

Israel starts his second de-escalation. After four weeks of severe confinement, the Israeli population witnesses the opening of day care centers, shops...

PAHO warns that a safe vaccine against COVID-19 will take time

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) warned that a “safe and effective & rdquor; against COVID-19 “is not around the corner &...

The trident of the second wave in Spain

The rising too early of the mobility restrictions, relaxation (by citizens) of the security measures (the use of the mask and social distance)...

Spain is an outpost of the second wave of covid in the EU, according to report

Spain is suffering "a second wave" of the covid-19 epidemic which could reach the rest of Europe in the coming days and is...

A restaurant in Formentera closed for skipping the quarantine

The Department of Public Administrations and Modernization of the Balearic government reported this Friday that the Government has cprovisionally mistaken a restaurant establishment...
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