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Disaster in Venezuela: shopping for cheaper meals, one more reason for the harmful journey to Trinidad and Tobago

The journey by sea in precarious boats has left greater than 100 useless since 2018. Tales of households who take dangers to feed themselves.Rooster,...

The Port of Punta del Este wakened stuffed with jellyfish: are they harmful?

It could possibly be prolonged within the subsequent few days to Playa Mansa.As soon as once more, the jellyfish turned a part of the...

Xbox revealed a harmful bug exposing gamers’ e-mail addresses

The safety breach was found as a part of Microsoft's bounty program. Xbox, the online game division of Microsoft, confirmed this Friday that it...

Gilles Clément: “The field has become dangerous, what we plant is full of poisons”

At the Versailles School of Landscaping, Gilles Clément —77 years old — teaches what not to do. Although he prefers to define himself...

Controversy in Spain after the approval of its own version of

Madrid now has the ability to decide what is disinformation and what is not. We talk to the lawyer Borja Adsuara Varela to...
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