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Former Google CEO applies for citizenship in Cyprus under the “golden passport” program

The announcement that Eric Schmidt, one of the richest people in the United States, and his family obtained Cypriot citizenship appeared in a Cypriot...

“Every two minutes a sex crime is reported in Europe”, Europol’s new campaign to capture the attackers

Europol has decided to try to make the population aware of the seriousness of the current situation. Every two minutes a violent sex...

Research: Air pollution is linked to some coronary deaths

Prolonged exposure to air pollution may have contributed to 15 percent of coronavirus-related deaths, a study published today claims.The research result was reported by...

European Commission opens infringement proceedings against two countries for granting “golden passport”

Granting citizenship - and consequently EU citizenship - in return for a payment or investment is not compatible with the principle of loyal cooperation...

Northern Cyprus has elected a new president: a far-right nationalist. Erdogan rejoices

Ersin Tatar, until now the prime minister of Northern Cyprus and a pro-Turkish politician to the bone, supported by Ankara and a supporter of...
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