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Ramón Calderón: "The Madrid box is empty and with pending bills of about a billion euros"

The former president of Real MadridRamon Calderon considered this Thursday that the Madrid team is paying "the folly of the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo"...

Marca: Cristiano Ronaldo’s corona test is positive again – posing with a million watch in his hand

Cristiano Ronaldo gimmicked the ball to get into the game. The plan failed.Cristiano Ronaldo's second corona test is also positive, says Marca.That means...

Cristiano Ronaldo tests positive again and makes his presence impossible against Barça

Cristiano Ronaldo will be baja for the match of the second day of Champions against Barcelona after what your last PCR test was positive,...

Cristiano Ronaldo shook his head

The football superstar is quarantined at his home in Turin.Coronavirus disease Cristiano Ronaldo is quarantined. The superstar of Juventus in Turin gave a...

Ronaldo denies having violated corona rules: ‘all lies’

Cristiano Ronaldo firmly denied on Friday that he violated the corona rules during the past international period. The Portuguese was accused of this...
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