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After paying homage to Maradona on the courtroom, Messi additionally moved on networks: ‘Goodbye, Diego’

The Rosario uploaded a picture of himself together with that of his former coach within the Nationwide Group, each with the Newell's shirt.After the...

Diego Maradona died: with Boca’s bar and court climate, a crowd is already waiting in Plaza de Mayo for the start of the wake

On the 12th, he went up the monuments with drums and flags he sang the Hymn and songs in honor of the Ten. ...

Racing’s crisis: The leaders marked the field for Diego Milito and Sebastián Beccacece gambles his future

The club published a statement in which, although it sought not to directly confront the manager, it answered some of the criticism. The...

Air pollution killed half a million babies last year

Air pollution caused by last year nearly half a million baby's premature death Global State of the Air 2020 report by.The deaths occurred during...

Whistleblower’s harsh accusation against U.S. Immigration Service: Uterine removal of detained migrant women

Nurse Dawn Wooten has lodged a complaint with the Chief Inspector of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security about the Migrant Detention Center in...
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