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Catholic Church opposes England’s strict corona embargo – “No useful role in the fight against the virus”

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson trying to stop the spread of the coronavirus with a full lock for a month....

England is threatened with a complete interest rate cut – Greece announced extensive restrictions

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson is considering, according to press reports, the publication of a complete coronary embargo on England....

France and Germany close – expatriate Finns hope to get home for Christmas: “Many are frustrated by restrictions”

The number of coronavirus cases has been on the rise in Central European countries, and this week both France and Germany have announced tough...

Record 700-kilometer congestion on Paris exits before midnight crown closure

In France, a tight interest rate cut between midnight on Thursday and Friday took effect. People are destined to stay in their homes...

Suvi Hartlin’s corona infection led to the corona quarantine of Sanoma’s radio channels – now rejoices at the end of the isolation

Suvi Hartlin released a relief update on Instagram.Sanoma closed all its radio studios last week due to a coronavirus infection. Since then, the...
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