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The judiciary in Ukraine, gangrened by corruption. President of the Constitutional Courtroom suspected of influencing a witness

"Oleksandr Tupitski is suspected of influencing a witness for his personal profit, in order that he would surrender the testimony or testify falsely" in...

Dodon enacted a legislation limiting presidential powers, though it had been suspended by the Constitutional Courtroom. Moscow is threatening Maia Sandu

The present President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon has promulgated the legislation offering for the switch of the Intelligence and Safety Service...

Brexit and the funding veto take away sleep in Brussels at the end of 2020

The coronavirus it envelops everything and in the EU the tension is maximum. There is little more than a month left until this...

Tens of thousands are protesting in Poland over the abortion law

Tens of thousands protest in Warsaw against a ruling by the Constitutional Court on abortion regulation. Demonstrators, including several leading politicians from opposition...

Ukraine: Defense Council urgently convened after invalidation of anti-corruption laws by Constitutional Court

These "crushing blows" to the fight against corruption "require" an "immediate and severe" reaction, he said in a statement issued by the Kiev...
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