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MP silences Valtteri Bota – Jani Mäkelä now justifies his position: “Moral posing”

Jani Mäkelä, a Member of Parliament for basic Finns, wonders Valtteri Bottas' comments on the rewards of the cycling race.Valtteri Bottas socializing with a...

Rare opening from Valtteri Bottas – Member of Parliament Jani Mäkelä immediately blurted out: “Keep kneeling”

Valtteri Bottas's opening sparked a debate. F1 star driving in a Mercedes stable Valtteri Bottas took a somewhat surprising position on social issues on...

Finnish MP received international publicity with his special Nobel proposal – “All of these have a burden behind them”

Member of the Basic Finns Vilhelm Junnila has gained international attention after nominating three heads of state to the Norwegian Nobel Committee for the...

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump called a Swedish MP – “I thought it was a practical joke”

Swedish Member of Parliament Magnus Jacobsson experienced the surprise of his life on Tuesday morning when U.S. President Donald Trump called him completely unexpectedly.Jacobsson...
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