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With the unification of its currencies, Cuba generates the primary devaluation of the Revolution

From January 1 there shall be a single coin with the very best worth of the 2 that had been in circulation. It's...

Cuba will unify its two currencies as of January 1, 2021

A reform postponed for years in Cuba was introduced Thursday to finish their present two-coin system, distinctive on this planet and in pressure for...

They discover an especially uncommon and fragile luxurious Roman crystal goblet: solely 10 are preserved in the entire world

A crew of researchers working in what was the Roman metropolis of Augustodunum, now Autun (France) have found a copa diatreta. It's one...

The European Commission studies eliminating the one and two cent coins by the end of 2021

The European Comission will decide by the end of 2021 whether to present a legislative proposal to unify across the eurozone rounding off prices...

Spanish researchers find 11 mummified crocodiles in a necropolis in Egypt

A group of researchers from the University of Jaén have discovered eleven mummified crocodiles in Aswan (Egypt) in what is believed to be an...
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