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The brand new Anti-Doping Code warned that consuming coca tea can check constructive for cocaine

Though the penalties for the social consumption of cocaine, ecstasy, heroin and cannabinoids have been lowered, it was clarified in regards to the results...

They discover a boat with 649 kilos of cocaine that had been adrift “between one and two years”

Police within the Marshall Islands, a small Pacific nation, seized 649 kilos of cocaine present in a ship that, based on authorities, it remained...

Historic resolution within the NBA concerning marijuana: gamers will be capable of devour it with out penalty

The NBA and the Nationwide Basketball Gamers Affiliation (NBPA) have agreed that no random marijuana testing is completed amongst gamers this season, the North...

Organized crime and gangs adapt to pandemic in Mexico and Central America

The coronavirus pandemic makes no distinctions and has also affected the drug cartels Mexicans and gangs operating mainly in the Northern Triangle of Central...

A 19-month-old baby dies after his mother burns his body with boiling water

Katie Crowder, a mother who uses cocaine, burned her 19-month-old daughter with boiling water until I let her die. The little girl was...
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