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The UK will ban the sale of diesel and gasoline vehicles by 2030

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday that the United Kingdom will ban the sale of new cars and vans with diesel and...

This is the largest Tesla supercharger station installed in the world

Tesla takes another step towards himThe most immediate solution for electric mobility to prevail over fossil fuels: charging points and infrastructures. This problem,...

A new study warns that ventilating classrooms does not sufficiently minimize the risk of contagion by coronavirus

Both the General Council of Industrial Technical Engineering of Spain (Cogiti) and the General Council of Medical Colleges of Spain (Cgcom) have warned that...

‘Smoke’ masks to ride a bike, scooter or motorbike

Using the mask It has been mandatory for months in any type of movement around the city, be it on foot, by bicycle or...

These are the keywords to know before buying an electric

The world of electric cars not only takes us into a new mobility without emissions, but also requires us to learn new terms to...
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