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Weight problems and train. What dangers does it have? Why workouts begin? Which of them aren’t advisable?

Weight problems is without doubt one of the nice well being issues worldwide, particularly in Western international locations. In Spain, with out going...

Carrots decrease ldl cholesterol, however want an enzyme to provide vitamin A, research reveals

Carrots are a superb supply of beta-carotene, which is a elementary supply of vitamin A. However to get all of the well being...

Statin treatments could reduce Covid-19 mortality by up to 25%

Statin treatments, a medicine used to control cholesterol, reduce mortality by between 22 and 25% by COVID-19, according to a study in which they...

They show that an intestinal bacteria of animal origin could prevent cardiovascular diseases

Researchers from Oregon State University (United States) have discovered that a common type of gut bacteria sometimes associated with inflammation, abscesses, intestinal diseases, and...

You are what you eat: Soma influencer Enni Koistinen lost 8 kilos – a huge change in health values

Entrepreneur Enni Koistinen set her new lifestyle in the You Are What You Eat program.In this week's You Are What You Eat section, doctor...
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