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The Trump administration has sanctioned officers of some Chinese language state-owned firms and blacklisted 9 firms with hyperlinks to the Chinese language navy.

The USA accuses it of utilizing coercion towards states with claims within the South China Sea.Trump administration measures will escalate tensions with China forward...

Beijing has despatched a gaggle of plane carriers to the South China Sea

The announcement comes amid rising tensions between Taiwan and China, which sees the democratic island as a insurgent province and regularly organizes workouts within...

Trump bans Americans from investing in Chinese companies with military activities

Donald Trump's presidential decree obliges Americans who already have stakes and financial interests in the target companies to give them up by November 2021.Trump...

VIDEO Chinese military broadcasts video simulating attack on US base

The video was released on Saturday on the Chinese Air Force's Weibo account in the context of the latter performing exercises in the Taiwan...

China threatens India: Will suffer “more losses than in 1962”

India will face a "strong China" and should not have "illusions" about possible support from the United States, writes Global Times, the nationalist tabloid...
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