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King’s Gambit: Magnus Carlsen, the world’s primary chess participant, was the eSports participant who made probably the most cash within the pandemic

Though the coronavirus stopped the large tournaments, the Norwegian grandmaster utilized his data on the net platform Chess24.The coronavirus pandemic stopped the game in...

What is the ‘Sicilian defense’ in chess

Most chess fans know the most famous moves that allow the opponent to win with a series of movements. Also, you can learn...

How to castle in chess: meaning and rules for executing the move

Castling is the only chess move in which the same player moves two pieces at the same time. It is a movement in which...

What is the ‘shepherd’s mate’ in chess, the fastest way to end the game

Chess fans know many of the most famous moves, some of which can help you win the game quickly, in case your opponent does...

What is a ‘queen’s gambit’ in chess: What is the move?

The movement 'lady's gambit', a type of opening in chess, it has become very popular in recent weeks because of the success of the...
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