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Tennis is finally shaking up and the change of era seems closer than ever

Medvedev and Thiem not only reached the end of the tournament: the two beat both Djokovic and Nadal in a field in which until...

America blue, America red: the revelations of America’s political map

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Brexit: 10 things that will change on January 1 if the UK slamms the door out of Europe

A "rough Brexit", with no forward rules, speaks of a journey into the unknown in relations between the EU and the islands. Here,...

‘Don’t go to the gym, don’t have dinner, don’t go to parties’: Sweden radically changes its strategy against the coronavirus

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven admitted that the new measures are "intrusive but necessary" to slow the infection curve.The limits to encounters between people in...

Obama’s “bravado” with China that ended a climate summit

"Boss, I have to say that what you've done has been very badass." Barack Obama, then President of the United States, was aboard Air...
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