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VIDEO Trump, sued for unauthorized use of the song “YMCA” at campaign rallies

"In the last days of the US presidential election campaign, the Village People 's YMCA song was overused by candidate Donald Trump and his...

USA, 2020 elections. Trump, looking for the coup de grace for Biden INFOGRAPHY

Donald Trump started a marathon of meetings in three states, Florida, Pennsylvania, Iowa, yesterday with the hope that he will catch up with Joe...

These symptoms may make it difficult for drivers to concentrate (x)

In addition to not having to push your cell phone while driving to observe and follow all the rules of the road, bikers...

Sneezing behind the wheel can also be fatal (x)

Sitting behind the wheel is a big responsibilityWhoever drives a car is not only responsible for his own life, and not only for...

Digi launches the autumn offer campaign “Bad Mouths”

From September 22, from Tuesday to Sunday, customers who choose to contract a new service (fixed internet, cable or satellite television, respectively mobile phone...
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