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Netanyahu meets with Prince bin Salman of Saudi Arabia

It seems that normalization of relationships between Saudi Arabia e Israel it's closer. This is indicated by the secret trip of Israeli...

Pompeo pays unprecedented visit to illegal Israeli settlement

With toast and new snapshots for the story, Mike Pompeo dice goodbye to Israel. During his tour of the Middle East two...

Applause and laments from the Middle East for Biden’s victory

Not only United States has remained in suspense before its electoral results. Thousands of miles away, leaders from the region of Middle...

A divided Israel commemorates Rabin 25 years after his assassination

Bullets they ended the life of Israeli Prime Minister Isaac Rabin. Make 25 years, these same two projectiles also executed the dialogue...

A figure from the far right, in front of the Holocaust memorial

On a wooded hill of Jerusalem if he gets up Yad Vashem. With the holy city at his feet, all those Jewish victims...
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