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Drew Barrymore opens his divorce – suffered a settlement because of his children: “The last thing I wanted for my daughters”

Actress Drew Barrymore reveals that the divorce took a hard toll.Actress Drew Barrymore tells in a recent interview about the divorce of the actress...

Together and apart – these star pairs ended their engagement in 2020

2020 has taxed many relationships.The year 2020 has affected many relationships. Many Hollywood stars have been engaged during the exceptional year - and...

Sofia Belórf opened his resignation Possessa: “I am 30 and single vee, I do not would have thought”

Sofia Belórf is single today.Businessman Stefan Therman revealed on Saturday on Instagram that she had divorced Sofia Belórf.Belórf, who visited Pose today on Friday,...

Phil Collins ’torment continues – now ex-wife accuses of espionage

Orianne Cevey has taken over Collins' home.Musician Phil Collins, 69, has fallen into the middle of quite a triangular drama. Divorced from him...

Phil Collins in trouble: Ex-wife seized home with her new husband and demands huge ransom

The ex-wife settled into the house with her new wing and armed guards while Collins was traveling.Musician Phil Collins, 69, has fallen into the...
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