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Switzerland will not enter the elderly in ICUs if there is saturation by coronavirus

Switzerland has established a protocol on the use of beds in the ICU by coronavirus patients in the event of reaching a saturation situation."They...

Austrian government takes new anti-coronavirus measures: assemblies, limited to 6 people indoors and 12 outside

The daily balance of contamination with the new coronavirus is higher than during the first wave in March, but Austria is taking different measures...

A woman in Vienna kills her three children, two girls of 3 and 9 years and a baby

The Donaustadt district, in One, is shocked at the crime perpetrated by a woman, who has confessed to the Police suffocated his three children...

Women follow the rules against Covid-19 more and take it more seriously, according to international survey

The attitudes and behaviors of women may have contributed to reducing their vulnerability and mortality. A survey in 8 countries shows that they...

The EU will create a ‘traffic light’ to measure the risk of Covid in member countries and regulate travel restrictions

The creation of a color map to differentiate the three levels of coronavirus risk in the regions of the European Union it has been...
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