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They verify that the unusual near-Earth object is a rocket from a failed NASA mission within the 60s

Scientists have lastly confirmed the suspicions that the unusual near-earth object(NEO) 2020 SO is a Centaur rocket booster of the Nineteen Sixties.The thing, found...

A scientist ship films the destruction of a meteorite by surprise

The Investigator research vessel, operated by Australia's national scientific agency, CSIRO, captured amazing images of a meteorite breaking over the ocean near Tasmania.The vision...

A rocket from the 1960s has returned to Earth for a short visit

In 1966, the NASA launched the Surveyor 2 mission to the Moon. Now your rocket booster centaur It has apparently returned to near-Earth...

This is the asteroid that could be the twin brother of the Moon

A new asteroid found behind Mars shows a composition very similar to that of our Moon, and could be remainder in the formation of...

European scientists discover a new mineral in a lunar meteorite that they have named ‘donwilhelmsite’

A European scientific team has discovered a new mineral in a lunar meteorite, A rare finding that could help better understand the effects of...
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