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The bustling sports star thought he had caused the coach a heart attack with his revelation – “He’s starting to squirm”

Nicklas Bendtner recalls the stages of his career. Danish Nicklas Bendtner spent a raucous life outside the football fields while playing in the Premier...

Liverpool’s soaring home tube continues – Arsenal bent over at Anfield

It is almost impossible to get points from Anfield.- We are facing a number of great players who are in a positive mood right...

Arsenal’s meager victory in the London local battle – the young Substitute decided at the last minute

Eddie Nketiah was the scorer.Arsenal took over Alexandre lacazetten and Eddie Nketiahin goals from a scanty 2-1 win over local opponent West Ham. ...

Arsenal took Community Shield in their name – Liverpool fell after a penalty shootout

A solution was sought through a long formula when superiority between teams was not resolved within the actual playing time.FA Cup winner Arsenal grabbed...
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