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Antti Törmänen, a patient with cancer, says of his infinitely heavy year: “I fight for my life and our existence as a family”

Antti Törmänen told about his violent year in an interview with a Swiss newspaper. Antti Törmänen coronavirus infection was diagnosed in March, and in...

MTV Sports: Antti Törmänen ill with gall bladder cancer – “The big thing is that I have been able to play sports”

The golden lion and coach Antti Törmänen will turn 50 on Saturday.The 1995 Golden Lion and the coach of EHC Biel-Benne in Switzerland Antti...

Hockey coach Antti Törmänen, 49, contracted cancer – the club boss was amazed at the behavior of other coaches: “Disrespectful”

The flood of applications that followed Törmänen's cancer news was knocked out by the club boss.Biel, who plays in the Swiss hockey league, announced...
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