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Courtroom dismisses 5G abstract proceedings towards CEO of KPN

A preliminary injunction towards the CEO of KPN in regards to the safety of 5G networks has been dismissed, the preliminary aid decide stated...

Huawei has not yet given up 5G in the UK

In July, the British government took the decision to force the removal of Huawei equipment from 5G networks in the UK by 2027. However,...

Foreign affairs are not asking for an anti-China coalition

Even if Hungarian-American relations seemed to be settled during the Trump era, the conflict between the two countries could be enveloped long before Joe...

5G opens up new competitive arenas for telecommunications

What makes 5G technology so interesting are not necessarily the service improvements it will bring to consumers, although this is important. The biggest...

T-Mobile now offers a national 5G network

T-Mobile has announced that it will offer national 5G coverage from Tuesday. For the time being, it is a first version of 5G...
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