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And the peace settlement? Virtually 250 former FARC guerrillas have been killed in Colombia since 2016

In September of that yr, the historic pact that ended a half-century conflict was signed. Drug trafficking, energy and crimes with impunity.In a...

Beethoven turns 250: 5 keys to understanding why he’s a novel and everlasting composer

Revolutionary, experimental, cussed, dedicated and timeless; the explanations that make the work of the German genius proceed to be a beacon for musicians.Ludwig...

Three specials on Beethoven on his 250th anniversary

This Wednesday, December 16, the Movie & Arts sign is programming a tribute to the nice musician on a brand new anniversary of his...

The US exceeds 250 thousand deaths from coronavirus: they use chapels as hospitals and ask prisoners to help carry dead

From corridors to parking lots they are becoming areas for treating patients. Daily cases rose more than 80% in 15 days. With a...
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