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Tense calm within the US

The scary protests that had been alerted had not materialized as of press time.No less than 19 states keep deployed army personnel of the...

Washington finalizes preparations for Joe Biden’s inauguration

Washington final presently the preparations for the Joe Biden takeover as 46 President of america, a solemn act on the foot of the...

Former FBI Director James Comey anticipates “harmful” days after Trump’s departure

The previous director of FBI James Comey warned this Sunday that U.S face "harmful" days earlier than the departure of the present president,...

Pressure over extra weapons on flights to Washington

Seven industrial airways ban their billing after a rise is detectedCapitol Police arrested a gunman Friday who tried to drive his automobile with false...

The assault on the Capitol turns the main focus to extremely infiltration in police and military

Regulation enforcement officers and the lively or off-duty army have been charged or are being investigatedThe Junta de Estado Mayor issued an unprecedented reminder...
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