A special phenomenon amazes researchers in Spain and Portugal.

Usually calm-behaving swordfish have begun to push aggressively towards the boats with the result that the boats have been broken. He tells about it Guardian.

In Spain, two boats had lost part of their rudder in an encounter with sword whales, and at least one member of the crew had bruised after the whales apparently collided with the boats intentionally. In addition, several boats had suffered significant damage.

Seafarers have been reporting worrying behavior for two months off the north and south coasts of Spain.

Last Friday, a sword whale struck 15 times on a 36-foot boat, says CEO of Halcyon Yachts, which operates the boat. Pete Green. The incident happened near the coast of the town of La Coruña in northern Spain. As a result of the confrontation, the boat lost its maneuverability and had to be towed to port.

On July 29, a 46-foot transport boat was besieged by nine sword whales near the Trafalgar Strait on the south coast of Spain. The whales pushed towards the ship for an hour and broke both the rudder and the engine. The boat turned 180 degrees in the clash. It took some time to get help because the Coast Guard had no faith attack come true.

There are several other cases.

The stress experienced by the species?

Sword whales are very intelligent mammals. Scientists say it is common for swordfish to follow boats and come in contact with the rudder, but never with the force now seen.

It is too early to guess for a reason, but it may be due to the stress experienced by an endangered animal species.

Spanish maritime authorities have urged boats to stay away from swordfish, but this may not work. At least one group of whales seems to be actively searching for the vicinity of the boats in a way that researchers say is “very unusual” and “worrying”.

Investigator Ruth Esteban believes that “attacks” are likely to be carried out by the same flock, as it would be highly unlikely that two groups of whales would see such special behavior.

A documentary presented in 2013 suspected that the stress caused by imprisonment led to the aggressive behavior of swordfish in Florida. Sword whales had drowned three people in the water park. Two of them were trainers.