While in Romania the authorities continue to whisper to us about the possible return to a total quarantine, as happened for 61 days, in March, April and half of May, in the rest of Europe this strategy has exceeded its validity.

As of Friday night, Raed Arafat, head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), hinted that Romania is considering introducing a new lockdown, as happened in the first part of the year. “We said we would go with the idea of ​​zonal or regional measures, but it is clear that never say never, never say never. No one can say one hundred percent that we are not reaching a new lockdown “, Arafat commented in an intervention on Antena 3.

If it is clear that in Romania people like Raed Arafat were left with a weakness for total quarantine, regularly talking about this method imported from China, instead, in other European countries, including some with figures similar to those of Romania, there is much talk. different about controlling the epidemic. A concrete example is Switzerland.

With a population of 8.5 million, Switzerland currently has the following balance sheet:

* 51,864 confirmed cases (119,683 in Romania)

* 2,064 deaths (4,633 in Romania)

* 238 deaths per million inhabitants (241 in Romania)

Despite relatively similar figures, given that Romania’s population is twice as large, in Switzerland the lockdown method is no longer considered by the authorities. The national councilor, Jörg Mäder, explained that this total caratinization of the country can no longer be discussed for several reasons.

“First of all, from March until now, we have gathered more information about the new coronavirus. The first restrictive measures I took in March were indeed excessive, but that’s because I didn’t know much about virus transmission at the time. Today, however, hospitals are better prepared. That’s why we’re not heading for a second lockdown, “said Jörg Mäder.

Jörg Mäder’s remarks came just a week after former Swiss president Ueli Maurer said bluntly: “Switzerland cannot afford a second lockdown. We simply don’t have the money for that anymore. ” The former president’s statement came in the context in which, due to the total closure at the beginning of the year, the Swiss Parliament had to approve a loan worth 30 billion francs! The lockdown used by Switzerland at one point reduced government revenues so much that it was estimated that by the end of 2020, the country’s debt would increase by 22 billion Swiss francs.

“We have milder options that can be taken gradually”

Epidemiologist Marcel Tanner, who is part of the commission leading the fight against COVID-19 in Switzerland, stressed that the testing strategy implemented by this country was successful.

“We can talk about the appearance of a second wave only when we cannot detect the outbreaks to extinguish them. Regarding restrictions, we have milder options, which can be taken progressively if the situation becomes alarming. These restrictions will not be the same as in the spring, when the authorities had to react quickly. Now, even if we close something, it doesn’t mean we will close all the stores. For example, in a first phase, we will take action on people who are in the highest risk category. A new lockdown? Such a thing must be avoided at all costs, because the consequences are disastrous, both economically and socially. ” concluded Marcel Tanner.


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