Sport and diet are a combo that should not be understood separately. While it is true that physical activity has innumerable benefits for our health (as long as it is done correctly), only with a balanced and healthy diet will we achieve our goals, whether we talk about new goals by practicing running or weight lifting, among others, as if we do it from the relationship between the amount of muscle and body fat. Thus, there are many who take care of, from breakfast to dinner (With intermittent fasting included!), All the intakes of the day, counting the macros that must be consumed (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) to ensure that the exercise is effective at all levels.

However, in this type of diet, sweet whims are (almost) forbidden and giving up dessert is one of the biggest sacrifices that must be made to meet the objectives fitness. This is because, as a general rule, these preparations include added sugars, palm oil and other harmful ingredients for our sports health. In this way, and although we are aware that there is always room for this sweet pass, we will have to try to keep that space free.

But did you know that you don’t have to give up dessert? In fact, there are several tricks to transform these sweet proposals into a fit recipe that allows us to enjoy a whim while maintaining the line. Likewise,we can find ingredients and mixtures that help us get a healthy recipe rich in proteinwith which enjoying dessert is a must. This is the case of the proposals that we have found in the Foodspring catalog: they do not include added sugars and there are options for all tastes … but always in a version healthy!

Two options … to enjoy the sweet!

– Are you more of a brownie …

Mix to prepare protein brownie.

– … or pancakes?

Protein pancake mix.
Protein pancake mix.

Don’t miss the ‘toppings’!

In addition, and since we start to enjoy a sweet (although healthy) treat, we can do it in style and accompany our brownie or our pancakes with some of the protein creams that we find in Foodspring. The pack from three boats (hazelnut, coconut and hazelnut and whey duo flavor) includes proposals low in sugar, packed with protein and without palm oil.

'Pack' of three protein creams.
‘Pack’ of three protein creams.

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