Robin Lehner and the Vegas Golden Knights have signed a five-year extension, the club says on its website.

Lehner, 29, earns an average of $ 5 million during the contract period, or about $ 4.2 million. The total value of the contract is thus $ 25 million, or about $ 21 million.

“It’s a good duration and the salary is good if you’re thinking about taxes here in Nevada,” Lehner smiled Expressenille.

Lehner moved to the Golden Knights in the middle of last season from the Chicago Blackhawks. He was sidelined in the playoffs Marc-Andre Fleuryn and defeated in a total of 16 playoffs with a defeat percentage of 91.7.

Lehner says he is happy with his life in Las Vegas and wants stability in his life. He believes the Golden Knights will be able to fight for the Stanley Cup in the years to come.

– The weather is great, as are the taxes. I like my teammates and the organization, so staying here was the best option for me and my family.

“I think this team can stay on top for a long time, so it’s going to be fun to be a part of that journey,” he continued.

In addition to the Golden Knights and Blackhawks, Lehner has played in the Ottawa Senators, Buffalo Sabers, and New York Islanders.