Sweden’s hope: – Maybe Portugal will be worse with Ronaldo

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Portugal impressed with 4-1 over World Cup finalist Croatia – without Cristiano Ronaldo. How will it go for Sweden if he plays at Friends Arena on Tuesday night – and is chasing his 100th national team goal?

Ronaldo missed the Croatia match due to injury. According to the Portuguese leadership, it explained that it may have been a wasp sting.

Against Sweden he is back, we must believe Portuguese. He apparently trained full time Monday night.

The statistics definitely do not speak for Sweden – whether Ronaldo plays. He has five goals in the last three games against Sweden.

His hat trick in the World Cup playoffs in 2013 is a bit legendary: Zlatan-Ronaldo 2-3.

Cristiano Ronaldo offers himself on social media:

But Sweden’s Gustav Svensson (Seattle Sounders) sees the positive in it:

– I did not see the match, but obviously it was very good against Croatia without Cristiano Ronaldo. It can hopefully be the case that they get a little worse as a team if he joins, and there will be a little more individual play. It may suit us well, says Svensson according to Aftonbladet.

Portuguese national team coach Fernando Santos does not understand the reasoning.

– I think no team in the world is better without the best player in the world, he said at the press conference.


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