Suzuki Marine Engine Microplastic Filter Lead

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Suzuki is the first in the world to install a microplastic collection tank for an outboard engine. The initiative is extremely sympathetic: in addition to the tons of plastic waste that pollutes the oceans, there is another, no less, threat to marine life.

This is because microscopic plastic particles get into the living organism along with water and food, and then along the entire food chain, at the end of which man stands: we end up destroying ourselves with a lot of plastic, only to take everyone else with us.

Suzuki does not want to regret this situation, but to help. Since seawater is used to cool the outboard engines anyway, all they had to do was install a special filter in the water circuit (in the big picture above.) From now on, the cooling circuit pump pumps natural water through it, trapping the microparticles floating in it.

The filter is installed on the right side of the motor

The beauty of the system is that it can be retrofitted, and since it is fitted to the return branch, its use does not affect the cooling efficiency and thus the engine performance.

In Suzuki’s initial tests, the engineers were also surprised at how much microplastic had accumulated in the filter. The company is continuing research to continually improve the filter, which will be available as an option from 2021, but is expected to make it standard on Suzuki in the future.



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