Suzanna Freitas shows slimmer body in photo and delivers: ‘Eating less’

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Suzanna Freitas’ looks call attention for her good taste. Adept of neat and stylish productions, Kelly Key’s daughter bet on a high-waisted shorts, with light wash, loose long-sleeved blouse, sneakers and mini to celebrate Children’s Day this Monday (12). “Happy children’s day. Great holiday for you, my loves”, she wished to influence. On the web, Suzanna’s body caught the attention of a follower. “How thin you are! Help. How did you lose weight like that?” He asked. Motivated to lose weight due to a new mastopexy surgery, the young woman replied: “Balancing and eating less”.

Suzanna Freitas tests positive for covid-19

In the past month, Suzanna was diagnosed with coronavirus. The student said on social media that she was in isolation with her boyfriend, Gabriel Simões, and that the two did not smell or taste, one of the symptoms of the disease. “We are in isolation. We are in the back of my house, where my uncle lived, before moving. We are not smelling or tasting. Gabriel stayed for three days very badly, he couldn’t get out of bed. My grandmother he doesn’t have coronavirus, nor did I have contact with her. It’s okay, everything is okay.

Kelly Key’s daughter warns followers of illness

Suzanna advised netizens to take the test if they have any symptoms. “When Gabriel started having the first symptoms, he didn’t think he was going to be covid-19, he thought it was sinusitis, because the headache is very similar to the sinus headache. But when I started having the symptoms and my grandmother is a risk group, we started to get very worried and took the test as a precaution, because of conscience and it was positive. What I wanted to say to you is that coronavirus manifests itself in different ways in each person. Gabriel and me were very mild symptoms, thank God, but there are people who are very bad “, he said.

Joelma reveals coronavirus sequelae

In October, Joelma reported to “Fantástico” the damage to your health since you tested positive three months ago. “A very crazy thing. It affected my vision. I saw everything blurred and also. Simple things that I couldn’t remember, it didn’t come to my mind, understand? I stayed on a bed for 60 days. I’m still swollen. So much so that I had to increase the number of my bra. The breasts grew. I did the exams, everything was normal. And nobody can explain it because I got too big. Breathing returned to normal about three days ago, because it was still there, I started exercising slowly, doing some breathing exercises “, he commented at the time.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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