Mother of three children Suvi Teräsniska, 31, glows in its some image the joy of success. He has run a half marathon this week, just over 21 kilometers in the tube.

In its update, the steel neck backs up the course of events that led to the marathon. He says his coach had urged him a year ago to think about athletic goals to move towards. The steel neck had told him of his desire to ski around Ylläs and run a half marathon.

Skiing is Teräsniska’s beloved hobby and he knew he could easily reach his goal. With Korona, the skiing plans failed and Teräsniska carried them forward into the future.

– I had never run again. You could say I hated it (and I don’t know if burning love for the species was still born). However, I started running in January, Teräsniska writes.

His original goal was to participate in the Brown Marathon, but it turned into a trail running event. The steel neck invented the traditional Oulu Terwamaraton, which was run on the last weekend of September. The steel neck decided to register for the running event, even though he knew his preparations were still in progress.

Running training was hampered by other hurries. The Steel Neck had gigs, recordings and interviews. In addition, he is currently starring in the Stars, Stars program. In September, on his holidays, he rested at home with his children.

– In the end, I still decided to go to the race only against myself and the only goal was to get to the finish line at all. The journey was not easy. After the first five kilometers there was a first slump, at 9-10 km the greedy uphill and it took away all the juices, at 11-12 km the sole was cramped, at 17-18 km the sole of the sole crept and the rest of the trip was quite limping,

However, he reached the finish line and in less than three hours.

– There was a cry in the finish. I was so happy I didn’t give up, even though many times it was close. My dear grandmother Seija would have been so proud. I remember when her prize closet was bursting with trophies from skiing and orienteering competitions and I always wanted to be at least half of what Grandma was, Teräsniska writes.

– There was a hunger, so we won’t take it again in the first year! The steel neck throws.

In his update, he thanks his coach and loved ones as well as fellow runners.

Fans of the steel neck have congratulated the woman on crossing herself in the some.

– Great! Yes, it is a performance that requires guts! You are the right STEEL woman according to your name! a fan writes.

– It’s amazing. With guts and perseverance to the finish. Congratulations.