Focusing on his music career Suvi Pitkänen has been her husband Marko Sompin together with five years. Now the relationship has become a challenge.

-The work situation is now recovering after the corona, but it has been stormy in my own relationship. Pitkänen spoke at the launch of the South Korean brand COSRX.

Pitkänen and Sompi have one child in common and Pitkänen also has one child from their previous relationship.

-We have had difficult times with Marko, but I’m fine. Summer went on, keeping my head together. We still live at the same address and go day by day, but …

In a long life, music plays an even bigger role today. Pitkänen, who has been working as a DJ for years, became his own music in the summer.

“The beauty industry took so much time that I circumvented the situation, followed the sound of my heart and chose music. More music is coming in October and now my radio show on Hitmix will continue on Saturday.

Pitkänen has not completely abandoned the work in the field of beauty care, but he still does it from time to time.

-However, it’s pretty nice and interesting.

I also took part of Pitkänen’s summer in the descriptions of the Survivors Nordic program. The program got Pitkänen excited about forest jogging and there was a change in his own way of thinking.

-I learn that happiness is simple. I’ve lived work, my partner and children, continue to live, but not selfish to live for oneself. Survivors emphasize the simplicity of life and how little it can be done. Happiness is simple things.