Ex-Salkkarit actress Susanna Indrén and her ex-husband Samuli were on Thursday to answer charges in the Helsinki District Court.

There were several charges at trial, of which Samuli had received the heaviest charges. He was charged with, among other things, assault and attempted robbery.

The prosecutor demands imprisonment for ex-man Samul. However, according to the prosecutor, a suspended custodial sentence alone cannot be a sufficient punishment for a man’s actions.

Samuli has denied the acts.

– These things have been enriched, Samul’s lawyer said of Indrén’s reports.

Prohibition of broadcasting

Prior to the start of the hearing, the bailiff served notice of the restraining order on both Indrén and Samul.

Still, it was revealed in the hall that the ex-couple had arrived at the district together and they had a night together behind them. From the doors they came in at different times.

– Samuli came to my house last night. Went to the district almost at the same time. I got warned Samuli that the media is there, Indrén said in the hall.

The hall went through the events of January, when Susanna Indrén said she had been beaten by her ex-husband.

Samuli was also charged with attempted robbery.

Indrén recounted how Samuli had been on the floor on top of him and eventually held his hand over his mouth and nose so that Indrén had lost consciousness.

“Die a cow”

Indrén appeared uncertain in the hall, clearly having difficulty answering questions from the prosecutor.

Among other things, he did not have a precise idea of ​​the number of kicks.

– I was just trying to survive.

The prosecutor went through the pre-trial material section where Indrén had woken up to Samuli holding a knife around his neck.

– Die a cow. If you don’t give the money, I’ll get your neck off, Indrén had told police during interrogations.

The prosecutor wanted to clarify whether this was the case, even though Indrén did not bring up this point in the courtroom.

– Yeah, that’s how it went.

Spirit on hair

It was also clear in the hall that Indrén’s nightgown was in shreds as a result of the brawl. The reason for the dispute, according to Indrén, was that Samuli had tried to steal his laptop.

Samul’s lawyer asked Indrén in more detail about the consequences of the assault, among other things. Indrén had previously said he had to go on sick leave due to the beating.

– Do you have a medical certificate for this, Samuli’s lawyer said.

– Well, I’ve been sick for a long time retired, Indrén replied.

Indrén wondered why Samul’s lawyer was trying to downplay the injuries he had received.

– I got more than just Panadol in the hospital. Underestimating this is tragic. It was all up to my hair that I wasn’t dead, Indrén said.

Police and ambulance on site

Indrén’s neighbor was heard as a witness in the hall.

He says he woke up to Indrén’s cry, “it kills me.”

The neighbor went to the scene and Indrén hoped this would call the police and the ambulance. At that point, Indrén was sitting on the stairs. According to the witness, Indrén’s face was red and battered.

The witness had also seen Samuli pass from room to room in the apartment.

– He didn’t shy away when he saw me.

Soon both the ambulance and the police arrived on the scene.

– It was in the ambulance that we definitely went to Haartman, Indrén says.

At Meilahti Hospital, his injuries were photographed and recorded. Magnetic images were also taken of the woman, but no fractures or internal bleeding were found.

Barked at the leech

Samul’s account differed sharply from Indrén’s. In his view, Samuli was leaving the apartment, but Indrén blocked it.

– I’ve been trying to get out of the apartment and defended myself and torn myself out of it.

In the preliminary investigation, Samuli had said that the use of alcohol made the relationship controversial. He said Susanna’s verbal reprimands exacerbated the situation.

– He barked at me as a leech and my family as a rubbish bin, partly because they live in Vuosaari. Susanna’s own family lives in Westend.

Indrén’s lawyer was from Samul, which he meant by the change of personality he had talked about at the police interrogation.

– I can not answer.

For a long time, the trial dealt with ambiguities between the pre-trial investigation material and the indictment, which the prosecutor promised to clarify even through a new pre-trial investigation.

The trial for financial crimes will continue early next year.

Susanna Indrén’s ex-husband has appeared in several magazine interviews, but always only by first name. That is why in this story, too, only his first name is used.