American Liberty Media, which bought Formula One in early 2017, made Chase Carey, who came from the TV world, the CEO of F1, but the departure of the U.S. has been a topic since last summer. Now that the new Concorde Convention, which governs the medium-term future of the sport, has recently been concluded, it has become topical.

For a long time, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff was mentioned as the likely successor to the 66-year-old businessman, but the BBC has come up with a completely different name now: they know Stefano Domenicali will be the new CEO of Formula 1 from 2021 onwards.

Surprisingly, he will be the new Formula 1 leader 1

Stefano Domenicali

The 55-year-old Italian worked as a Ferrari team boss from 2008 to 2014 (succeeding current FIA President Jean Todt), first resigned as Audi and then in the spring of 2016 became CEO of Lamborghini, also part of the VW Group. In addition to his work in the automotive industry, he is also chairman of the Design Committee of the International Automobile Association.

The BBC knows Liberty has not yet signed a contract with Domenicali, but the switch is certain, the teams have already been informed about the change of staff.

As for Carey, he is said to remain in some, not yet clarified, presidential-level position in F1.

Formula 1 did not want to comment on the BBC news.

Surprisingly, he will be the new Formula 1 leader 2

Chase Carey