Surprise: This pair of participants is returning

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The TV news of the day in the GALA ticker: This pair of participants is returning +++ “The summer house of the stars”: Mega scandal between Iris Klein and Andreas Robens

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28. September

Big surprise: this pair of participants is returning

Already three pairs of participants had to move out of the “summer house of the stars”: Georgina Fleur, 30, and Kubilay Özdemir had to move out within three days after causing a sensation. Ex-Bully-Parade actress Diana Herold, 46, and husband Michael were nominated by the candidates last week and influencer Denise Kappès, 30, voluntarily left the sails with friend Henning Merten.

If a couple leaves voluntarily, participants who have already left are allowed to move up. Much to the annoyance of the “summer house” residents: In the sixth episode, which is already available online on TV NOW, Diana and Michi go back to the country house. The actress and the coach explain “Because Henning and Denise left, we were allowed to move in again”. “We were crucified and rose again!” We welcome them back and are excited to see how the rest of the candidates will react to their return.

Mega scandal between Iris Klein and Andreas Robens

Bodybuilders Andreas and Caro Robens froze at this sight: Iris Klein and husband Peter joined them in the fifth episode in the “summer house”. And the arch enemies clash violently from the start! First, Andreas Robens accuses Iris of having achieved nothing. Then he even cursed Daniela Katzenberger and Jenny Frankhauser’s mother as a “bitch.”

At RTL, the “Goodbye Germany” star is up again: he once insulted Iris in public as Miss Piggy. After broadcasting the fifth episode of The Stars’ Summer House, he explains, “The only thing that sets them apart is that Miss Piggy is a star.” Ouch, that sat!

Iris Klein doesn’t hold back with her meanness either. So she comes to speak of the Robens dog, which was bitten to death.

But why do Iris Klein and Andreas Robens hate each other so much? The Robens once wanted to open a gym in Mallorca. But suddenly Iris Klein was also interested in the property. Andreas accuses the former jungle camp participant of having pushed him out of the project. Iris Klein states, however, that she only found out after the opening of her restaurant that the Robens had also expressed interest in the building …

One thing is certain: this fight goes into the next round. The new episode “Das Sommerhaus der Stars” will be available on Wednesday at 8:15 pm on RTL or now on TVNow.

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