Surprise: This Is Us says goodbye to 2020 this Wednesday night

Four weeks after its return to TV, the Fox Premium series broadcasts its last episode of the year this November 18. Its protagonists and fans demonstrated on the networks.

Just four weeks ago, the fans of This Is Us they were jumping for joy and anxiously waiting the premiere of the fifth season of the series that excites almost everyone. What few knew (or almost no one) is that this batch of episodes is divided, and This Wednesday 18 at 23 the last episode of this year will be broadcast on Fox Premiun series.

This decision It surprised fans in much of the world. First, to those of the United States, where the fiction is broadcast a day before, since the previous seasons had 18 chapters each. Further, the production did not notify in advance that the return of the series would be so short, or when it would end. They found out the news at the end of the episode.

Sterling K. Brown, who puts himself in the shoes of Randall Pearson, spoke on his social networks about it. “We’re going to be off the air for a while after tonight, so don’t get sad or frustrated.. These four episodes took a long time and we tried to get to you as soon as possible. “

Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca, the mother of this family who recounts her life in two timelines, also addressed fans: “I know they are a little angry. We appreciate them. But we are just getting back into production and it is a breakneck pace. I believe that I saw on Twitter that our production team literally finished the episode last night. We are almost finishing filming the fifth episode, so we need to catch up. ”

The Serie will return on January 12, 2021 to the United States, and a day later to the Fox Premium screen for all of Latin America.

The filming of the fifth season started on September 24 in the middle of the pandemic. Through the networks, the actors were showing what it was like to return to the set following the strict protocol. All with chinstraps and spacers that made it necessary to maintain distances between personnel.

This part of the fiction was characterized by integrating the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement into its plot. This generated all kinds of stir among the followers of the story. While some celebrated that these realities were present in the plot, others complained and argued that the series allowed them, until the return of the fifth season, to escape for a while to the harsh pandemic reality.

In the episodes released so far (available on the Fox Premium app and DirecTV Go), the Pearsons gathered at the cabin to celebrate the “Big Three’s 40th birthday,” though Randall broke with family tradition and did not participate.

Rebecca, who had improved from her illness, suffered an episode of memory loss on the street. For his part, Kevin (Justin Hartley) proposed to Madison (Caitlin Thompson), after running to the emergency hospital to check the babies’ health.

Kate (Chrissy Metz) y Toby (Chris Sullivan) took a big step in the adoption process. And thanks to the time jumps of the series, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca preparing to face puberty for her children. They represent the base marriage of this story that each season adds relatives.

Starting in January of next year, the fifth season will resume its narrative thread investigating Rebecca’s illness, the estrangement between Kevin and Randall and Kevin’s new relationship with Madison.

Also, what really happened to Randall’s biological mother after her birth will be revealed.

One knows how long the second part of this strange fifth season, heralded with cymbal hype. He announced the return … but not the abrupt end.



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