Artists Antti tuisku surprised his fans on Tuesday morning by writing a long update To their Facebook account. In his update, he says he is hugely proud and excited to have written a book that will be published next year since the spring.

You can access the Facebook update from here.

Tuisku says he decided when the corona pandemic broke out that he would do welfare-related webinars and lecture coaching this year. The artist, who recently studied at Varala Sports College, dug up old materials for this purpose and got excited.

– After updating my thoughts for a couple of weeks, I noticed that a lot of text was created. So much so that I wonder if I would dare to think of writing a book about it …? Tuisku says.

– Now, half a year later, I signed a publishing WSOY and sent forward with the first version of my book. The process is alive and well, but I can already say that this is one of the finest things I have ever done. The book project has also helped me mentally cope in the midst of this difficult time, Tuisku continues.

The artist says that the book will be called Successful !.

– Everything will be told in more detail. The basics of the book are already available, so I want to tell you about it at this point.

Tuisku sums up his update on important ideas.

– People live outside most accustomed things and new things front and I once witnessed in my own case, she says.