Surprise: Andrés Calamaro and Julio Iglesias made a duet

It’s from the song “Bohemio”, from a 2013 album by the Argentine. Is it the advance of an Andrés album of collaborations with other artists?

First single coming soon! Andrés Calamaro & Julio Iglesias. The ad can be viewed at Youtube and it already has dozens of comments. The record company’s press release says that the launch is now!

“This November 26 will be available as a single and a video new version of Bohemian, the song that gave title to Andrés Calamaro’s 2013 album “, reads the brief statement from Universal.On this occasion Calamaro a duo with nothing less than the icon of Latin music Julio Iglesias, for whom, according to Andrés’ own words, this song seems to have been written “.

In 2018, the news appeared that Calamaro, one of the most prolific singer-songwriters in the popular and Spanish language, was preparing an album of duets. Will this be the first hit link?

“I have several albums in my head but there are two that are closer: the waterfall of stars singing with me and the new songs “He said from his Twitter account, @bradpittbull666. “We are in the creative bubble and songs keep coming.”

Regarding the duet album, I had already anticipated the collaborations of specials by León Gieco, Vicentico, the Chilean Mon Laferte and the Uruguayan Fernando Cabrera. Not a word was said about Julio Iglesias. Yet Andrés himself allowed himself to ramble? declaring the desire for them to participate, attenti … Liam Gallagher, Nick Cave y Elvis Costello. “I would be delighted to invite you to sing in two languages ​​for the album of extraordinary collaborations.”

Continuing with his album of duets, he said at that time: “The collaboration album is underway and very complete. Of course, singing one of my songs in two languages ​​is an idea that I really like a lot. And we already have very good adapted tracks and translations. “

Load luck, his latest studio album, appeared in the middle of this other project. “There was no time for setbacks, I was recording another album, a production of duets that has been going on for two years, and I already knew that it would take time, because it is an album with many guest musicians and it does not depend only on my schedule. Suddenly, at a certain moment, I found some lyrics. “This is how his last great studio album came about, whose first track was Sharp truths.

The recent announcement in YouTube He already has comments from just minutes ago: Bohemio, an album that touched me deeply on an emotional level and marked me forever because it was the one that made me start to truly follow you. Anything new related to that masterpiece will make me very happy. I love you, Andrelo ❤️.

The news took more than one by surprise: Julio Iglesias, really? There is only one song missing with Arjona to complete this 2020. They even sent greetings from Andorra!

For many, duets are to music what film adaptations are to television.. Could it be that innovation is dead? For others, on the other hand, duet discs are variations on the interpretation of songs. As if a drawer of alternative versions were opened that could not see the light without this excuse.

There are also people who imagine shared universes that, otherwise (Calamaro / Iglesias case?) Would be unlikely. What is vulgarly said kill two birds with one shot.




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