Surge un primer benchmark del Samsung Galaxy M02

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We first heard about the Samsung Galaxy M02 weeks ago when it was speculated that it would be announced almost simultaneously with a Samsung Galaxy A02. In fact, it was said that the Galaxy M02 would be an alternative model of said Galaxy A. And now the Samsung Galaxy M02 appears in a benchmark showing different specs.

Preliminary performance tests of the Galaxy A02 revealed, among other things, that this would be a budget smartphone for Samsung with 2GB of RAM and, therefore, it was automatically nominated as the ideal candidate to receive Android 11 Go Edition. But the Galaxy M02 was found with 3GB of RAM ruling out the possibility of having Android Go.

Samsung Galaxy M02 details

With the launch of Android 11, the compatibility paradigm of Android Go Edition changed. The hardware requirements changed from requiring a maximum of 1.5GB of RAM to 2GB of RAM, and should the Galaxy A02 launch with that amount, then you can count on Android 10 Go Edition as your native software.

But the Samsung Galaxy M02 to which it was compared since its first appearance in rumors was shown in the database of Geekbench with 3GB of RAM, an unidentified Qualcomm processor and Android 10 running from the factory. It may still be too early to start seeing the first Samsung smartphones with Android 11.

The Qualcomm processor that Geekbench has not identified possibly the Snapdragon 450 that is mentioned in the Samsung Galaxy A02 hardware rumors. Perhaps in that it does resemble the Samsung Galaxy M02 from which more is expected from its rumored dorsal camera than from its hardware power.

Samsung Galaxy M02 appears in a benchmark running Android 10 and possibly that is also the software included in the Galaxy A02 unless you prefer the same edition of Android but in the Go version.

Source: Geekbench


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