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For a long time, exactly 172 years, there was no example of the American president being neither a Democrat nor a Republican. The last time he won in the year of the Hungarian War of Independence, in 1848, was the laughing third, Zachary Taylor. However, he passed away in the second year of his presidency, so power passed to Millard Fillmore, the last U.S. president outside the two big parties to date.

There are such candidates this year as well, but there is only one who has been on the ballot in all U.S. states, Jo Jorgensen. The 63-year-old psychologist was born in Illinois and then earned a degree in psychology from Baylor University in Texas, but has also been actively building his political career for many years. This year, he is the official presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party.

His career so far in politics is not particularly successful, but he has already achieved so much that he has been officially on the ballot papers of all 50 U.S. states. That’s no small thing: apart from that, only Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden can say that about themselves. There is no chance of a presidency, most surveys estimate the turnout at 1 to 4 percentage points, but it is still worth addressing.

Why ? For the answer, let’s look at what happened in Utah during the last presidential election.

A similar situation may arise in the case of Jorgensen. But who and why can they support it? On the one hand, the candidate is trying to keep himself spectacularly away from the rhetoric of both Trump and Biden, but on the other hand, one cannot fail to notice that he is trying to gain supporters with exactly the arguments we have heard from the current president four years ago. He argues that he is the real alternative to the political elite, of which more and more voters are getting fed up. However, there are some arguments, which may seem racist or sexist to many, that:

– said Jorgensen in Salt Lake City, where he also explained that both candidates want to spend voter money and make decisions for them, while dealing with problems such as the US military’s excessive foreign deployment, or a burning health crisis, not even a word.

While this is not true, in any case, it is a fact that searches for Jo Jorgensen’s name on Google have skyrocketed since the last presidential debate. Ees’s impact on polls has not yet materialized, but it can be thought-provoking and it may be that in some, even important states, the end result will be influenced by Jo Jorgensen.

(Cover image: Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden. Photo: AFP)



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