Tuesday’s decision of the Supreme Court will allow the Donald Trump administration to suspend the census immediately. The calculation was to continue until October 31.

The decision is seen as a significant victory for the Trump administration and the Republican Party.

Experts have warned that suspending the census will lead to inaccurate statistics, especially in cities, which have traditionally been a strong supporter of Democrats.

For example, minorities, the poor and young people are traditionally underrepresented in censuses. Premature interruption of the calculation is likely to mean that they are increasingly under-represented.

Because these groups traditionally vote for Democrats, the decision to suspend the census undermines the status of Democrats and the potential number of seats in Congress.

The results of the census are used to determine how many voters the states have in the presidential election. In addition, they are used, among other things, to decide how many seats each state will get in the House of Representatives.

Thus, the under-representation of supporters of Democrats leads to a smaller number of seats in democratically victorious residential areas, such as cities.

This, of course, benefits the Republican Party, which has strong support in sparsely populated areas. No wonder Trump has wanted to interrupt the census prematurely.

The Trump administration has justified the need for the suspension on the grounds that otherwise official results may not be submitted before the statutory deadline of 31 December.

In the United States, a census is conducted every ten years.