On Saturday last week, an event was held at the White House Rose Garden with the President Donald Trump confirmed his nomination as a Supreme Court judge Amy Coney Barrett.

At least eight people who attended that event have now been diagnosed with coronary infection, including the president and his spouse.

Now it may be that that opportunity will prevent Trump’s fiercely sought appointment of a Supreme Court judge, writes CNN.

Several Republican senators have been infected with the corona. If they don’t get to vote in the nomination, Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination remains unconfirmed because Republicans only have a majority of a few seats in the Senate.

In this case, the appointment of a new judge would likely move beyond the presidential election.

Over the past week, Republican senators have had several joint meetings and also attended all of them Thom Tillis, Mike Lee and Ron Johnson. They have been diagnosed with coronary infection, so it is possible that more sick senators will appear in the next few days.

If the election won Joe Biden, her candidate for the Supreme Court would certainly not be Amy Coney Barrett.

The president received supplemental oxygen

President Trump says his well-being was not good when he came to the hospital, but now he is better.

– The next few days will be a real test. We’ll see what happens then, ”Trump said.

Trump also released a video in which he thanked the staff at Walter Reed Hospital for the wonderful work they have done. He also said he wanted to go back to campaigning.

The doctor treating Trump said he was cautiously optimistic about the president’s well-being, but “not yet out of the woods,” the doctor said.

According to several sources, the president’s condition had deteriorated rapidly on Friday and he was given extra oxygen at the White House before he was transferred to the hospital.