Super TC2000: Llaver opened the door to success in Córdoba

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He prevailed in the qualifying race of the Super TC2000, with Chevrolet, in the return of the category to Córdoba.

It is not another time for sports in Córdoba. Although a week ago the CarX category competed in Alta Gracia, large motorsports arrived in the province of Córdoba with the incursion of the Super TC2000 at the Oscar Cabalén racetrack.

It could be said that the category runs locally, since most of the teams are based in the Mediterranean province, which is why the insistence on opening the doors of the Cordovan site to receive the automotive discipline with the highest technology in the region.

And in this experience under strict protocols, bubbles on the racetrack and in transfers and with the analyzes at the gates of the complex, the championship continues on its course, after the successful start in Buenos Aires.

Bernardo Llaver won the initial competition. The official Chevrolet team driver inherited the avant-garde after the delay and subsequent abandonment of José Manuel Urcera, with a private Chevrolet and under the command of Luciano Monti, the engineer who until the end of last year was responsible for the official team of the brand.

Llaver, who now has the technical responsibility of Alberto Canapino, the father of his teammate, Agustín, achieved a forceful pace, which remained behind Urcera during the 11 laps that the Patagonian rider dominated.

Finally, a transmission problem delayed Urcera, until it led to abandonment, and from there the last 5 laps were handled by Llaver, who since the 2018 Potrero de los Funes competition had not achieved success in the Super TC2000.

“Manu (Urcera) deserved the race. He had done everything himself. I don’t get to celebrate a lot because he deserved it. But they are things that happen and I must be grateful. Tomorrow’s final is missing, which is the most important thing. I have an aerodynamic imbalance that needs to be solved ”, Llaver sincerely confessed, who already has the enabling victory to fight for the title.

Great comeback for Franco Vivian, who takes the place of Hernán Palazzo in Toyota Gazoo Racing. He was the fastest in the previous rehearsals and in the race he was competitive: “It’s incredible, a few days ago I watched the races from the armchair at home and now I’m here. Obviously I wanted to win, but the truth is that I am living a dream ”, commented the architect and again pilot.

The podium was completed by his teammate Julián Santero, from Mendoza as the winner, who continues to score points to be on in the championship led by the great reference of the Japanese brand, Matías Rossi, who finished sixth.

Beyond the very good role of Ricardo Risatti, with the Toyota of the Midas team (the only unofficial car to arrive among the first 8), the squad that led Leonel Pernía (Renault), Rossi (Toyota), Agustín Canapino (Chevrolet) and Facundo Ardusso (Renault) was entertaining, despite being delayed by the category penalty system.

Just as they arrived in this test, they will form the starting grid for Sunday. A competition that will be less conservative and that may be at the same level as those held at Gálvez, with sensational finishes.

It is true, the Super TC2000 runs local. On the Cordovan track there are no secrets for anyone. However, the celebration of visiting another province in times of pandemic is another reason for celebrations for the category that, beyond the complications that are generalized, changed the mood with a 2020 season that started more than promising.

Carburando, from 9.30 am, will broadcast on the screens of El Trece and TyC Sports the alternatives of the Sunday competition, which will be accompanied by the final of TC 2000 (he won in the first Eugenio Provens) and of Formula Renault 2.0 (the first the Isidoro Vezzaro won).

Special for Clarín.



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