Super TC 2000, live: Agustín Canapino went to the front in the first corner and wins the duel against Matías Rossi

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The Arrecifes driver beat the Toyota driver at the start. This Sunday the first final is disputed, with Carburando transmission by El Trece and TyC Sports.

The Super TC2000 is back at the Buenos Aires racetrack and the engines of the most technological category of national motorsport roar. Matías Rossi was the great candidate to take over this particular weekend, because he took the pole position in the classification. But
Agustin Canapino passed it in the first corner.

With Rossi and Canapino occupying the front row, the final of the Super TC2000 is scheduled to be 33 laps or a maximum of 50 minutes long. Carburating broadcasts live, through the screen of El Trece and TyC Sports.

“It was a race as we expected it. Undoubtedly, one always comes out with a plan A and a plan B. The first was to be able to keep the start, try to make a difference with Canapino from the start and, if it didn’t happen, try to attack him if he passed me in the first few meters ” Rossi commented on Saturday.

“Plan A came out because I was able to start well, maintain and then they were even cars because I – at one point – towards a light and then Agustín came. We maintained a bigger gap with Ardusso,” said the winner.

The pleasant surprise is given by the young Nicolás Moscardini, who makes his debut as a rider for the official Honda team. The player from La Plata, a fan of Gymnastics and Fencing, last year had received the greetings of Diego Maradona, DT of the team of his loves, when he became TC2000 champion, an achievement that allowed him to make the great leap to Super TC2000.

Rubens Barrichello officially debuts in Super TC2000. A Toyota Gazoo Racing driver, he intersperses his time between the Brazilian Stock Car Championship and now the most technological category in the region.

The former Formula 1 driver met the Corolla from Super TC2000 in the last few hours. He had never driven a front-wheel drive racing car. He remained in 15th place in the different rounds, until finally he got 11th place in the classification, although he finished 18th.

The start was not favorable for the Brazilian driver. Already in the first corner he received a touch from behind and was last, so he dedicated himself to climb positions. Finally he won 5 places.


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