In the middle of this year we will tell you about a copy of the original Super Mario Bros. NES card from 1985 that was sold in a quantity that caused it to be listed as the most expensive game of all time.

That copy was sealed in its original packaging and earned a rating of 9.4/10 On a preservation scale, that is, 35 years after being manufactured it boasted almost perfect condition, which led to it being sold at an auction by Heritage Auctions in 114 thousand dollars -approximately 2.28 million Mexican pesos.

But now that record has been broken and the new possessor is also a title of NES from the iconic Nintendo plumber.

This past Friday there was an auction also organized by Heritage Auctions in which a 1990 copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 (game released in 1988 in Japan) was sold in 156 thousand dollars -approximately 3.12 million Mexican pesos.

The auction started at the mark of the $ 62,500 and participated 20 bidders.

Even though the copy not from the original year of game release, Heritage Auctions reported that a couple of situations were met that support the amount it was sold for.

The first is that the cover has the word ‘Bros’. placed on the left side and covering one of Mario’s hands (later editions placed that word more in the center and slightly to the right, without interfering with the character).

The other is the condition in which the copy was found, since being sealed in its original packaging it achieved a rating on the Wata scale of 9.2 A+. Look:

Super Mario Bros. 3 is considered one of the best games of all time and, with more than 17 million copies displaced worldwide, it is the third best-selling title on the NES.

And now let’s add to those records that is the most expensive game of all times.