Sunweb customers now have the option to choose whether or not they want to travel to the orange region.

Sunweb’s customers can return to orange areas starting Wednesday, 4 August. The company has been unable to offer travel to orange areas due its policy. However, customers can request that this be offered soon.

If an area has been assigned the orange color code, you should only travel there if it is absolutely necessary. Many European regions have been granted the orange code recently, including Portugal and Cyprus, as well as the Spanish islands. Sunweb has ceased making trips there since several weeks. This will change on August 4.

“We observed last week that customers want to go on holiday to enjoy their well-deserved vacation. Mattijs van den Brink CEO of Sunweb explains why we want to give customers the option to go on holiday from now on. He said that half of customers wanted to go on holiday despite the new color codes.

Customers who don’t want to travel to Orange areas but have already booked can cancel their holiday for free up to two weeks prior to departure. Within fourteen days, they will receive their money back. They can also decide not to book the trip.

Sunweb will arrange for repatriation if the travelers go on holiday. Van den Brink says, “If our customers are positive at their destination we will take care.” “We will arrange quarantine and pay for the long stay and return home flight costs.”

Corendon has flown to ‘orange Turkey’ for some time

Corendon has already made plans to offer Turkey trips again. Also, an orange travel advice applies. According to the organization, Turkey is too vast to be covered with one travel tip. It is safe to visit the south coast tourist destinations.

Your travel insurance policy does not need to be affected by the fact that your travel advice has been rendered orange due to the corona virus. All matters that are not virus-related are still covered. The travel agencies will cover holidaymakers who are positive for virus after arriving. They may arrange for a later return flight or pay for extra nights at a hotel.



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