Sununu of New Hampshire and Pence criticize DeSantis for rejecting aid to Ukraine.

Former Vice President Mike Pence and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu have voiced their support for Ukraine, putting them at odds with top Republican contenders. As the 2024 presidential race heats up, foreign policy has emerged as a key ideological divide within the GOP. While former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have called for focusing on domestic issues over Ukraine, several other declared or likely candidates are portraying themselves as unwavering defenders of Eastern Europe. Both Pence and Sununu had previously backed Ukraine but made particularly pointed comments this weekend amid intensifying fights over foreign policy among Republicans.

DeSantis recently stated that the war in Ukraine was just a “territorial dispute” lacking vital U.S national interest; he is expected to run against Trump soonest – his most formidable opponent yet from within Republicans ranks.However,Pence took jabs at him during an Iowa speech where he said: “I must tell you that the war in Ukraine is not a territorial dispute…It’s Russian invasion.” Although still vying third place behind Haley,Nikki Ambassadors United Nations,some supporters believePence’s stance may appeal more to moderates than those of his competitors.

In an op-ed article published by The Washington Post,Sununu went after both Trump and DeSantis directly:”Some people in our party,”he wrote,”have lost their moral compass when it comes to foreign policies- such as former president Donald who once labeled Putin’s invasive action ‘savvy’and’genius’. This further shows how Foreign Policy continues emerging as one major dividing issue amongst republicans ahead of 2024 Presidential election

Supporting Ukrainians will require strengthening its military capacity through continuous training programs provided by US forces.We can also provide intelligence support which would help boost security operations around its borders especially since there are fears regarding Russia’s involvement.The situation needs attention before things get worse given Moscow’s recent naval build-up near Kerch Strait under international scrutiny following annexation Crimea peninsula back into mainland Russia three years ago.

The debate about supporting Ukrainian sovereignty encompasses two schools – those advocating prioritizing internal challenges versus external threats.While some argue social reforms should be addressed first,others like Sen Marco Rubio (R)believe we cannot ignore global events happening around us.Ukraine faces constant aggression from Vladimir Putin-backed separatists,and if left unattended,it could become another battleground between world powers thus endangering America-Put simply,Ukrainian stability equals American safety.

America shouldn’t abandon allies because they’re perceived weak links instead work towards improving relationships.United States hasn’t been doing enough,nor taking proactive measures needed across various fronts e.g.,economic,military while dealing with potential adversaries.Without proper investment now,it might lead future engagements down road unnecessarily costing lives Americans servicemen/women.America needs strong alliances worldwide starting here homefront-Ukrainian crisis provides opportunity strengthen existing partnerships ensure long-term success democracy freedom movement globally.

Finally,the USA owes much gratitude toward brave men women serving nation uniform abroad.Every soldier deserves respect appreciation regardless political affiliation.If anything should happen jeopardize any current missions underway whether Afghanistan,Kuwait,Iraq,Ukraine etc.,it’ll only hurt morale decrease recruitment numbers-things no country wishes ever experience.Let us all unite backing our troops efforts wherever possible!

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