Summer makeup: how to do, products and more expert tips!

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Makeup and summer go great together! This is because the station has a solar vibe, which allows you to explore different colors, textures and styles in the make. But, on days of intense heat, the makeup can melt, crack or get that blurred look on the skin that no one deserves! To help you make a summer makeup and look beautiful all day, the expert Carol Zaia, trainer and makeup artist at Sephora, revealed all the secrets to Purepeople during the opening of the new brand point, at Rio Design Barra, in Rio, and even gave spoilers of what will be pumping in the season . Know more!

Summer makeup: natural, brighter skin and focus on the eyes!

With the pandemic and safety restrictions, the mask has become a must-have item – and should continue to be for the next few months. For this reason, the specialist believes that the eyes will be a priority when making the summer makeup. “The eyes will still have more focus than the mouth, whether betting on colors or using the eyelash mask and a beautiful eyebrow”. Carol also says that a more natural and lighter skin is also requested for the season. Oh, and the illuminator can’t be missing!

How to prepare the skin for makeup in the summer? Check it step by step

Carol also reinforces the importance of preparing the skin well to receive the products, even more when doing summer makeup. In this case, it is worth following a brief step by step, according to the professional’s tips:

1st step: clean and moisturize the skin well. The result of good makeup starts there, especially on hot days! Therefore, use a specific soap for your skin type and moisturize with your favorite product.

2nd step: use concealer gently at strategic points. Thus, you already make a subtle correction in certain areas of the face before applying the foundation and avoid weighing your hand on the products.

3rd step: apply a light foundation or moisturizer with color. In summer, the tip is to apply less products so that the makeup is not loaded – if this is not your intention. For those who enjoy a more natural effect, a lighter foundation or even a moisturizer with color is the best option to even out the tone.

The outlines to test on makeup in the summer

Since the focus is on the eyes, the makeup artist from Sephora tells about her darling colors for the season. “I really like the warmer tones, like coral, orange, but I’m also a fan of blue. A beautiful, more graphic blue outline looks beautiful!” Speaking of which, summer is the perfect season to train those leaked outlines, as Carol points out. “It is cool to invent different and more graphic features. One that I have seen a lot is the cast, in which you only make contours and do not fill them. Beautiful and modern.” Do I like the most classic styles? The outlined kitten is infallible and works very well in summer makeup.

Products that make makeup last longer in summer

So that summer makeup last the whole day, the secret is to use some products before and after the make-up ready. After following the skin preparation step by step, the primer is the one that will hold the foundation on your skin for the longest time. “Choose one according to your skin type or the effect you want: there are those that matify, that minimize pores, disguise lines, moisturizers …”, explains Carol. On very hot days, when the makeup is ready, apply a finisher to ensure that it remains intact. If, in the middle of the day, you need to touch up your makeup, bet on translucent powder or a mist, which is great for refreshing. “You apply a little mist and then apply the product to touch up. They mix and help give a more natural finish”, concludes Carol.

(By Marina Couto)


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